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This game is an unfinished project of mine, originally for a game jam. I stopped development when I realized I wasn't following the jam's rule set. This was the description for it:

we only see child's play in this world.
but even child's play can have something behind closed doors.
what do children fear, you may ask.. ?
they fear what they cannot comprehend.
Blackworld is a simple JRPG about two kids who set out on a quest to find "REDU"-- a rare video game with only 11 copies known to ever surface ever since its company disbanded long ago. You play as Billy Joel the Great, a crow boy with the passion of a knight's heart; and his trusty magical friend, Tomtom the Wizard.  Together on their quest, they'll go through plenty of challenges: including the quest to obtain "REDU", and learning about its rather mysterious past. Will you guide these boys towards the right path?
Warning: this game has graphic content not suitable for younger audiences. You have been warned.
It should also be noted that playing this game for a long time could cause strain to your eyes. Please, for the safety of your eyes, play this game for a responsible length of time.

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